Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Just throwing some happiness in your face! Again...

It' s Wednesday and I' m sitting on the balcony, in the sun, in march, in Holland for god sake. It had been extremely good weather this week and it makes me very excited for my birthday for some reason, also because it' s only a month away.

I think it' s safe to say I' m having an awful lot of fun all the time.
I've been to Antwerp, Sleazefest was a ball, dancing at Bottoms Up, work is fun,  taking baths, having dinner with my mom, chillin' in the park and thanks to my employer I have been staying in a really nice house (which is his) this week watching the cutest three legged cat in the world!

My constant feeling of loneliness caused by not having a partner/lover is slowly disappearing, something I thought would never come. Despite a very strange phone call from my ex...

I am very excited for the future and strangely optimistic about it haha!

Here are some pictures from all the fun stuff I did lately.

Now I have to drag myself to the gym because me having a good time equals beer (and a healthy appetite of course) equals weight.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Wellnesscentre Badhoevendorp

Dear whoever is reading this,

I'm in bed at my grandparents's, I was well fed, treated like a little girl (and feeling like it) and it was lovely.

To be honest; I almost never visit my grandparents. They have a pool in the garden so when it is warm I come around a bit more, but the rest of the year I never go.
Now I visited because I needed a saltbath because of skin problems I'm having. It was something my grandmother herself suggested in an email, but in between the lines it just said 'Come over, we miss you'.

The bath was lovely, I don't know if it really helped my skin but I just love taking a bath.

The longer I am here and think about it, the more I know for sure that I have to come here more often. Everything here is familiair.
The fact that my grandparents spoil me a lot when I am here counts ofcourse...

The thing is that I feel so relaxed and calm right now, I almost can't believe it. I want to describe it as ZEN.
I can't even remember when I felt like this.

I now know for sure that I am ending a bad chapter in my life and starting a very adventourus  but also, in some weird way, a peacefull calm chapter. Defintly a good chapter.

I feel like I'm working my way to succes, I feel loved, I feel sane, I feel pretty, I feel confident, I feel
talented, inspired, independent, caring, exploring, grown up (???) and what the hell I think  I feel HAPPY!

Some of you may have the urge to throw up right now, I completly understand that, I just don't care.

A picture of my bath btw... Looks pretty nice eh?


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in your night dress

I recently discovered I realy love pretty underwear. I always thought it wasn't really my thing because I never wear it. But now I know I just really really REALLY HATE spending money on it. It is for most people invisable and it costs a lot of money, something I don't have or rather spend on clothes that people can see. So I guess men just have to buy it for me as a present? Does this sound whoreish? Do I care?

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmasy days

What I did with Christmas is eating, drinking, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, drinking, sleeping etc...Lovely lazy/party days.
This is what it looked like sort of.

Although it's back to work for me now I wish you happy holidays!