Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Golden Brown

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I don't actually like brown. Still for some weird reason I'm in to it right now.
I guess I'm just really in to fall.

P.S: If you like the Stranglers, come see Hugh Cornwell tonight at OCCII. I don't know if he' s any good but he used to be their frontman. Also my man is playing with Urban Grey and they are good for sure!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bitches in Paris

In a strange manic state I decided  I wanted to go to Paris. This actually happened.
When I first thought of it I wanted to step on the first train leaving, by myself. Eventually I booked two weeks in advance and went with my better half; Layla. Like I would ever do something on my own.
The main purpose of the trip was step out of our own boring lives and live like wealthy parisiennes, this we achieved in almost every way except for dinner (pizza in bed) and for drinks, as in we didn't get in Silencio (David Lynche's club, which is very exclusive). Also the hotel was nothing fancy, but compared to a room you have to share with 6 strangers, it was very luxurious. Oh and of course the terrible  bus trip.
Other then that, I have never spent more money on coffee in my life, warehouse staff was never so nice to me, never have so many people complimented me on the street and NEVER EVER has a (cute) POLICE OFFICER honked his horn at me only to smile and wave.

So we did feel rich and famous and not so bored as usual. This is probably the reason why we only had one tiny bottle of wine and one beer this whole vacation.

Its funny how a short trip can really change your perspective on your life, mostly in a positive way. It also kind of changed my style, I bought some new things of course and those things inspire me to stop buying crap at HnM but go for quality. I want to have a more grown up, sophisticated style and I also think that translates to how I want to live my life; like a grown up.